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Different TCR Systems

Which TCR system?

TCR Track sets and cars were produced primarily between 1977 and 1992. We say primarily because there were other less-known low-production TCR-like sets from manufactures beyond these years, including some modern digital systems, in the same vain. This site focuses on the popular mass-produced systems with a large supply of tracks, cars, parts and the hobbiests that still enjoy them.

The Big Three (Ideal, Aurora, Tyco)

The Ideal Corporation started it all in 1977 with the first TCR sets to be mass-produced. Aurora, who was the leading manufacturer of traditional HO Slot Cars at the time (with their successful AFX line) jumped in as well with Utra 5 (1977-1978) and eventually SpeedSteer (1979-on). However it was still Ideal that was the big seller and big name in slotless racing, while Utra 5 and SpeedSteer were largely less known. Sometime in the early 1980's Ideal sold off the TCR name to Tyco in the USA (which was starting to produce slotless cars of their own) and Majorette (French company) in Europe.


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